Maximizing the success of

critical recruiting processes

Unrivaled experience in recruiting

technology executives

Your recruiters say they can cast a wide net.

But can they really?

About Recluta

Recluta is a recruiting company like no other. We are the trusted advisors and process-implementers for technology companies looking to maximize the transparency, efficiency and probability of success of their mid to senior level recruiting processes. We are not recruiters, we know recruiters. The best and most specialized recruiters who are fully backed by our team of highly qualified researchers, marketers and assistants to improve their efficiency and the outcome of your search.


When you work through our process, you get full transparency and are able to see and understand what’s been done. At Recluta, we believe in embracing transparency and aligning expertise, technology and research to provide more expedient recruiting processes. The Ultimate Solution to Efficiently Hire the Best Executives.

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