Recruiting services for startups and
high-growth tech companies
Recluta is an online recruiting service that provides you with
qualified candidates from professional recruiters.

How Recluta Gets Your Recruiting Done


With Recluta, you get a professional recruiting team to discover, engage and assess qualified

candidates for you and our simple, elegant software to review your recruiting process.



Get professional recruiting support to discover, engage and assess the best candidates without increasing your payroll, engaging expensive search firms or getting locked into an RPO contract. All under a pay-for-performance model.

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Increase transparency, efficiency and collaboration in your hiring processes with our simple and elegant software. Forget your clunky ATS and get the reports and data you need to drive amazing results and continuous improvement.

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Recruiting departments spend an average of 45% of their time on backfills instead of focusing on growth. When you consider that recruiting is the HR function that improves revenue and profit the most, it makes sense to rethink your team's responsibilities. With Recluta, the recruiting cost pays for itself many times over.

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“Recluta accommodated our business needs and vision, and understood our company
culture. The results Recluta delivered were impressive, both in speed and
quality. We are happy to have Recluta as our trusted business partner.”


Kaitlin King, Global Talent Leader at Trax Technologies

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